If you’ve got premises in your local area then making sure your listing on Google Maps is accurate will reap rewards for your business.

As the search engines focus more and more on mobile applications and users of mobile become more sophisticated, Maps will come into there own. Users will be able to use the maps function to find the ‘nearest coffee shop’ or the hairdresser that is closest to where they stand, very powerful indeed.

You need to make sure your business is one that is found and stands out from the rest of the crowd, we have spoken previously about

  1. Do verify your business listing if you haven’t already
  2. Make sure your listing has got some reviews
  3. Keep your profile 100% complete
  4. Do alter it

Now Google have put another little feature in the Maps section, you are now able to put in ‘real time’ information. So if you have events running or discount vouchers or have launched a new product or are looking for a new employee then this is the area you can type this information in (its like a tweet with only 160 characters available)

This is the easiest way to keep your Google maps current and might just tip the balance in your favour!