Facebook continuously amaze me with the speed that they make changes to their platform, some to the good and others perhaps not quite!

There are two that I really want to tell you about because they could impact you personally.

Here is the first, which could seriously affect your privacy if you don’t make some changes, it is the Facebook ‘instant personalisation’. What does this mean?

Well in a nutshell, Facebook will share your information with ‘non facebook websites’ and rather annoyingly, most users are unaware that the default setting for this is enabled in your privacy settings.

So information that you have entered into Facebook could be used to market to you around the web. Personally I have disabled my settings – you might like to consider it too!

Its quite easy follow the screens below:

Click on your privacy settings

Then click on Websites and Apps

Then Edit the Instant Personalisation settings

and uncheck it!

and for the second Facebook change…

You might want to consider changing this default setting too. Facebook have decided that you will only ‘see’ the posts from users you have interacted with frequently over the last few weeks. So Great Aunt Maud who you speak to infrequently, you’ll never see her posts again, because if you don’t interact regularly enough Facebook has decided that they are not that important.

So again you need to change your settings

Scroll right down to the bottom of your news feed and click on the edit options button

Make sure that your settings include all of your friends and pages,

This is also the area where you can block individuals if you want too…

The setting changes will take two minutes, but you’ll get a safer, richer experience if you make them now!