There have been multiple changes to the Facebook pages over the last few weeks, one of the ones that I want to draw your attention to is the ability to use Facebook as your business page.

What does this actually mean?

Well before the changes, when you wrote on someone’s wall, or another business page wall, you could only write as an individual. So your personal avatar would be displayed and the comments would be your own personal comments. Now, you can leave comments as your business, with your business avatar and instead of the link going to your personal page, it would go to your business one. Take a look at the example picture below.

Facebook PageYou can clearly see the difference between individual and business comments, this is a great way to gather more exposure for your business page, however use it properly, please don’t spam every other business page, and if you can still sign off using your name it still makes it a little personal.

To change to use Facebook as a page is easy, simply go to the Account area and click on the drop down arrow…. then click on use facebook as a page and switch to your Facebook page of choice.

Another very easy and effective way to spread your local message…..