If you’ve got a GMail account with Google you might have seen a new item appear in your list… ‘Buzz’

So what is Google Buzz, well basically its a way of starting conversations with your GMail friends about things that you find interesting, so you automatically follow the people you already connect with in GMail.

The features of Buzz include

  1. You can publish your updates privately to your close group of friends or publically
  2. You can get all your messages integrated into your gmail inbox and reply directly from there
  3. It connects with other Social Media Sites
  4. You can see thumb nail photos and videos and browse full screen photos from popular sites

What else will Buzz do…. well we think the best application for this is actually from your mobile, using the maps functionality you can see what people are ‘buzzing’ about in the location close to you.

Want to know more? this short video might help: