I often meet business owners that have started to use Social Media as part of their marketing mix, but who are getting mixed or limited results from this platform. Nine times out of ten it comes down to one thing, they’ve gone on all the training courses which teach them ‘how to’ do Social Media, but the bit that they have missed is the ‘why do it’ in the first place (and it is OK not to take part if that’s your business objective)

Now you could spend multiple hundreds getting a Social Media strategy together, and that would be money well worth spending, however before you go down this route you might just like to try the Forrester solution to putting together a strategy, this to my mind is one of the simplest ways of getting your thoughts structured so that you know ‘why and what’ you want to achieve for your business using Social Media. The method that Forrester use is called POST.

Post stands for

P – People : You need to know how your customers are interacting online, you need to understand the Social Technographics Profile

O – Objective : What is your objective, Listening, Supporting, talking – chose just one

S – Strategy : What is your content and engagement strategy, what content can you produce and what platform will you use to ‘convert’ your prospects

T – Technology : What platforms suit, now you understand the people you are targeting, your own objective and strategies you can chose the best platforms, and its OK only to use one of them!

Strategy is the most important part of the puzzle, without it how do you know if you’ve been successful or not? What is your success criteria?

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