The Hotel Arts Barcelona is one of the first websites that I have launched for top Berkshire company Essential Hotels. Essential Hotels are a hotel reservation service with a strong emphasis on customer service and also knowledge about the hotels that they have in the portfolio.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

As with any online company, the challenge is always to get found in the search engines. No visitors equals no business! so we’ve given ourselves a little challenge.

This particular domain, Hotel Arts Barcelona has been online for 3 years, but has not made it anywhere near page one, so it never got any traffic or subsequent enquiries.

Now, I have made a bet with Nick (managing director) that I can get a WordPress version of the website onto page 1 of Google within a few months, we haven’t yet agreed a prize – but a visit to the hotel would be spot on (hint hint Nick if you’re reading this!!)

This is where I need your help. I need to get as many links back to this website as possible, so that I win the bet. If you can blog about it stumble it or link in anyway that would be fantastic.

Challenge on, linking strategy in place, and a sun bed in Barcelona with my name on it!!