Well we knew it had to come along eventually, Google has entered the ‘Social’ networking by the introduction of the Google Plus one (+1) button. Think Facebook ‘like’ and you’ll get the idea of its functionality. The difference is that the Google +1 button will seamlessly integrate into all of its products.

So, in a brief overview, if you hit the +1 button (in search results or on a PPC ad) then you are recommending that product / webpage to your friends.

When you have hit the +1 button, your ‘likes’ will appear in your Google profile (really you do need one click here to get started) and you do need to be logged in so that Google knows who is in your social circle and if anyone has ‘voted’ for a page. That way you can see your friends advice about ‘stuff’ before you go any further

Webmasters will have the ability to put a +1 button directly on their content (similar to Facebook, is there a theme emerging here!!)  so that users can easily recommend their webpages.

The Plus1 button has just started to role out, so it will be a few weeks before you see it, please don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Learn more in the Google video below