Finally Facebook have released a useful tool that enables you to turn a profile into a business page.

This is for all of those individuals (in the early days) that launched their business using a Facebook profile (against Facebook rules but who knew that back in the day!). This is great news as a page really is better for you business, you don’t have the 5,000 limit that a profile has, and people can like your page without having to friend you.

Now then a couple of words of caution if you want to swap a profile to a page

  1. The Process is irreversible… make sure you want to do this and that you get the information right!
  2. Although your friends will automatically move across as fans, your content will be lost (including photos!!), so make sure you save anything important BEFORE you make the switch.

If you want to make the switch you can do so here…. wonder if they will also make a group to page migration tool, would that be useful for you too?? – do let me know


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