The first thing to say is, do not confuse marketing with sales, they are not the same thing and therefore need to be treated differently, they might even require different skill sets so different personnel.

Without marketing effort you will have no prospects to sell to.

Without an effective sales effort your conversion rate will be poor and you will waste all your marketing time and money.

So EVERY day you need to ensure you are completing BOTH activities to make for a really great result

What is Marketing

Marketing is the actions you take to reach and persuade prospects (or existing clients) that you have something that they want. Marketing can take form of many activities including brochures, flyers, banner adverts, email newsletters, SEO, PPC – the list is endless.

What is Sales

Quite simply converting  a prospect into a client (..and I still remember my old sales manager saying to me, a sale is not a sale until the money is in the bank!!) Its normally inter-personal – a one-on-one interaction between you and the client. Talking quite specifically about their environment and how you can help them.

So daily you must do both activities

Once a week you should really go through the marketing activity for the week (what content will you write..what will you tweet about…) and then schedule time every day to get those tasks done.

Once a week you should go through your pipeline and think, what is my next sales activity I need to achieve to get this prospect to say YES! – Set aside time daily to achieve those tasks.

Every day you should set aside time for both marketing and sales activities, in just increasing these two measures of your business, you’ll see a growth in your profits!