One of my favourite activities that I think can really help a business with their on-line presence is the introduction of a blog. Now for some companies this can be quite a difficult challenge, what do you write about each week? we haven’t got anything that would be of interest I quite often hear.

Well I do firmly believe that everyone should be blogging, but I have one client who has taken it to the next level. Essential Hotels, who are a reservation service for all of the top 4-5 star hotels around the globe, already write a blog daily about their business and in particular the fabulous hotels that they represent.

Well the managing editor wanted to up the anti a bit and get involved with another blog to attract a different audience to those that typically read the more business orientated articles. Nick has a real passion for food, and often retells stories of the fabulous Sunday Roast that he cooked, or the goose fat chips that were double fried, so what better blog could he write than one that centres on food and the best recipes that he can find across the UK.

Well it was a bit of a gamble to spend time writing about a passion and hobby rather than his business, but as a result Nicks new audience have really become engaged, offering new recipes and comments and generally getting very involved. Through this blog entitled ‘in the pursuit of perfection’, Nick has now found a new writer for the team who happens to live in the States and has a passion for writing about the best destinations the States has on offer… perfect for extending the reach of Nicks Hotel reservation business. (take a look at the third blog this company had just started

Great content will always reap rewards and although this is rather off-the-wall, writing about your passion has to be a great start and Nick has proved that it can indeed have business benefits, he now has  a great engaged following that knows about his business as well as his love for food, as well as a new team member.

If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on a big trick, can you think a bit off the wall it might help your business if you can. If you want to chat through it don’t hesitate to call 01635 886522.