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Whilst delivering a training course earlier in the week, I was reminded how important RSS feeds are to business and how a lot of business owners still don’t know what they are, how to use them and how to get them set up.

Its a technology I have used for years and now take for granted, basically an RSS (really simple syndication) feed benefits you by alerting you when your favourite website or blog has an update by delivering that update directly to your inbox via email or a reader of RSS feeds (Google reader is my preference). One of my favourite blogs unsurprisingly is Social Media Examiner, who on a daily basis update their blog with a new article on Social Media. Now would I religiously check their website every day to read the new information if it wasn’t fed to me in a timely fashion, the answer is no, however because I get the feed it automatically reminds me to have a look and decide if its content that I want to share.

Now that brings me to my second point is how to use them. Well if you are embarking on a journey into the realms of Social Media, you really need to think about the content that you want to deliver to your audience. We don’t want to be sold to any more, but we do want great content. RSS Feeds are an easy way of curating content from the web and delivering that to your audience, mixed with your own published content this is a great way of delivering real value to your prospects and client base.

So before you start the journey, you need to research you industry and also any complementary industries for thought leaders and experts and subscribe to receive their content… if you don’t know how to I’ve put together a quick video for you