We’re often asked what tools we use when it comes to keeping on top of or social media activity. Well tools come and go and over the years we have tried and tested hundreds of tools that should make life easier.

However, there are 3 tools that we use EVERY single day, and we couldn’t work without them. So listed below, in no particular order!

1) Hootsuite (everybody’s favourite)

Hootsuite stays open on my desk everyday, so that I can easily see if we are being talked about, or if anyone starts a conversation with us. We can also track keywords we are monitoring to see what is happening on a real time basis. We can stay in touch with our clients easily and re-tweet any tweets they are sending. From a central console you can manage and maintain all of your main social media networks (which are of course Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+) its the perfect productivity tool for you (and your team if you are happy to pay a monthly amount) to  listen, engage and measure all from one simple interface. You can find and sign up for Hootsuite here

2) Eqentia

Whilst we all produce loads of great content (you are of course aren’t you?!) for our websites that we can then distribute around the web, it will need to be supplemented with other great content that you curate for your audience to consume. The tool that we use to complete this task is equentia. Now while the paid for plans are very expensive, the free option gives enough to be very useful to add to your content generation. Using this tool you can have instant alerts anytime someone writes about a keyword you have identified, explore channels of content (there are over 50 so there is bound to be one you like!) add content to it, sync with your twitter favourites and much more. Try it out here, you’ll never have to search for content again!

3) Buffer

This is just a smart way to share information just with the hit of  a button. As you are browsing the web if you find interesting content that you want to share on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profile you can simply hit your buffer button and it will automatically store that content and then distribute it at a predefined time. Its a really easy way to schedule content that you have stumbled upon across the web. Now of course you can schedue using hootsuite, but this tool just saves the copy and paste effort every time! – Download it here

These are 3 of our daily tools, take a look and let us know what you think!