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This week saw the launch of Facebook Smart Lists, in response to the Google Plus ‘circles’ feature. Smart Lists are a way of replicating real life social groups, so its really easy for you to categorise your friends into ‘family members’ closest friends, colleagues etc. etc.

Smart lists are there to help you quickly profile your friends, first into four categories or groups that have been completed for you. These are work, school, family and city. Facebook will already have identified the users that fit into these segments, to save you time filtering through your friends and allocating them.

The idea behind the lists is that you can have news feeds created just from the people in the groups (and you can of course remove and add more) that way you can easily stay in touch with those nearest and dearest, and not be interrupted by those acquaintances that you don’t know so well. The cool thing about it is that you can just share your information with a particular list (finally!!), so that photo of you on a Saturday night can just be shared with your friends and your work colleagues will be none the wiser!

You can find all of your lists by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists , go and check it out!