As ever January is the time when we all decide to get fit, lose weight …. well just generally look a little better….

It seems that Google has the same intentions, as it has just launched a revamped look to its home page.

The new look means that the horizontal black menu bar which users would use to navigate through their options has been replaced by a grey bar that incorporates the Google logo. When the logo is clicked or highlighted, it reveals a drop down menu where users can access seven alternative options to the site’s search page as well as an option to reveal even more Google services.
Google’s rational behind the change is provide quick access to the full range of Google products such as Maps, YouTube, Gmail and Images, without changing the well known minimalist look.
Google also hopes that the new look will bring about a “more seamless and consistent online experience”.

Don’t worry if your Google home page still looks the same, as the new home page is initially available to a limited number of users.