Whilst there are many places on the internet that you can visit to purchase stock photography, if you are really serious about your online marketing then you should invest a little bit of time and energy in getting your own photographs created.

Here are a few reasons why we think its a good idea to get your own range of images that you can use for your marketing;

  1. Social Viral Marketing: Whilst this can never be guaranteed, we know that video and images are the best formats for users to easily share and pass to their friends. If you’ve got some cracking images, they will be pinned (on pinterest) or shared on facebook. The more creative, the faster your marketing message via the photo will go.
  2. Innovation and Creativity: Whilst there are some great stock images available, how often have you tried to find something which just isn’t available, or it just doesn’t convey the right message. Having your own images means that your exact message can be portrayed exactly
  3. Standing out from the crowd: You want to have your own creative ideas, that reflect your business brand and values, so do stock images really do your company justice?
  4. Showcase your products properly: If you have products to sell, getting them photographed correctly really enhances their online appeal
  5. Authenticity: You know that you own the copyright, so you don’t have to worry about if you can use an image or not.
  6. Get emotional buy-in: Its difficult to get words to convey emotion as strongly as a well placed image, Photographs that can convey a really strong emotion are rare, and very valuable.
  7. Immediate Impact: You only have a few seconds to create that great impression, words will never do that, but a well placed image will.
We had a lot of fun recently when taking part in one of these corporate photo shoots where the client wanted something special to create a team work environment. We got the corporate photographer¬†¬†to come up with an idea that represented ‘team work’ for a business coach
What do you think of the result?


Raise your profile and the awareness of your business through high impact Corporate photograph.