Whilst delivering an SEO talk at the Bromley Business Expo I was explaining about the importance of links to your website. Not just any old links, but really good relevant links from articles or Press Releases that are about your business or products and services.

One way of achieving these links is to write an article and then submit it to a few article directories, most offer the option of linking back to your website as you are the originating author. This is one way of achieving a really relevant link. Now it shouldn’t be the only thing that you do, but it is a really pertinent part of your online marketing mix so should definitely be an activity I would encourage.

Its really easy

  1. Write your article, anywhere between 300 – 500 words should be OK, you may find some directory sites wanting closer to the 500 word count.
  2. Make your headline count, questions are good as they provoke thought and response. Top 10 lists can also be an easy way to write something fairly quickly.
  3. Make sure that your keywords are in the article, don’t over do it though, just enough to be relevant.
  4. Publish your article on your website or blog first so that you are the originator of the content (you could even become a Google Author if you wanted to)
  5. Distribute the article on some of the article directory sites.
To get you started, I’ve put together a quick list of article directory sites, you’ll find the information here.

Also a reminder of the powerpoint is below (if you hop across to Slideshare you can download it!)

Do you think article marketing is still a great way to spread your words, leave us your comment below!