We’ve been a fan of Pinterest since its inception (not that many months ago) and its now got even better for two reasons

  1. There is no waiting time, you can get an account immediately – hooray! whereas before you had to wait a few days before you received your email invite now you can just sign up and Pin away.
  2. and the real big bonus, is that you can now pin slideshare presentations.
So we know that Pinterest has grown massively over the last few months as people love to look at great photos and share images. An image to a degree does tell a story, and sometimes can work better to convey an emotion than words, hence people love them, as predominantly we are emotion based! What an image can’t do though is share knowledge and factual information, so when these are required an image doesn’t cut the mustard. (although you could disagree slightly with that statement on a well represented infographic!!)
However, a presentation can provide enough detail to share knowledge and look good all at the same time, so can be the best of both worlds, and now users can discover this information whilst browsing through Pinterest. Slides can be pinned directly from slideshare and the slides are captured as larger images with attribution for the authors.
When the user stumbles across the pinned presentation, they can simply view the embedded content within pinterest, we have already pinned our SEO Foundations presentation for such consumption!!

We love this new feature, what do you think? will you be pinning your presentations? do let us know!