We’ve talked about Pinterest before, and how easy it is to get started and start ‘pinning’ your way to Social Media Success.

As a company that is using content to drive traffic and potential clients to your business, then you do really need to think about what kind of topics your clients would be interested in, and as your business is unique of course your boards are going to be unique too

However, we have scratched our heads a bit (and pulled out the splinters!) and got together 4 boards that every company can have on their starting block. Go on, if you haven’t started yet we urge you to do so…

The boards are

  1. If you are short on images for your business, try highlighting videos and presentations instead. Have a board of your own marketing ‘stuff’, include videos and Powerpoint, turn customer testimonials into images, they don’t all have to be pictures remember!
  2. Highlight your customers, show them you care by showcasing their work, a little generosity will go a very long way
  3. Provide advice and how-to’s on your blog (of course you’re blogging aren’t you?!), upload a relevant image into your blog and then pin it on Pinterest. Couple it with a dynamic headline and you’ll have clients visiting your blog hand over fist!
  4. Something personal, you can play it really safe and keep the default board of great books that you like, or you could really indulge in your passion. Remember people buy from people so it really is OK to show your human side too!

There’s no excuse

Just because your business doesn’t generate a lot of photos, doesn’t mean you can’t take part, go on get pinning.