As most of you know our favourite web platform by far is WordPress and we use it pretty much exclusively for building our websites. As a result we often get asked ‘whats the best plugin for X,Y,Z’ so we have decided to blog about the plugins that we use, and why we use them.

So for the first one (drum roll please….) we just love WordPress WP Customer Reviews, why you might ask.

Well this plugin is the easiest way for you to complete two of your marketing missions:

  1. To get great customer feedback and reviews for your business or products
  2. To get some user generated content on your website.

You can use the plugin on multiple pages of your website, ideal if you showcase different products, users can then write a review with a star rating (you can see it in action right here on our own website, Reviews) The review then needs to be accepted by you and it also gives you the ability to comment on the review to give your thanks.

The great thing about this plugin is that as well as it giving you an easy way to get customer reviews, the plugin also wraps the review in ‘special code’ (official term is Microformats) so that Google knows that they are reviews too. Get enough of them and cross your fingers and your 5 star rating might just appear in the search engine results page like this:

The plugin is really easy to install and use, so what are you waiting for????