It’s not often that we are asked for 1-1 twitter training these days, but that’s just what Helen Brownings Organic (which also involves the royal oak pub) asked us for. So armed with our best tweets up our sleeve I rolled up to the pub a little earlier than the normal Friday night after work bash!

If you’ve never used twitter before it can be a whole new world, with it’s own language and etiquette rules so it is worth spending a bit of time with someone that knows what to do and how to do it. There are also a myriad of tools that make using Twitter much easier, but to spend time and energy invested in working them out is actually something that is much easier to ask the experts for….you can bet your bottom dollar that they have already gone through the pain in finding out which tools are the best for the job.

I find that to complete the training it’s best to attack it in 2 sessions with the first session looking at the overview and language and how to read a tweet, followed by the productivity tools of managing the tweets as they come in. And the second session refining the use and finding other tools to help you grow your followers and measure how successful you are being.

This is because normally users like to have a go and get into a habit of understanding and using the tool before they undertake growing audiences and measuring success.

This was the case with Helen Browning Organics – yes that’s #Organics if you’re reading this Tim!! After 2 hours they were tweeting with the best of them and understanding why a tool like hootsuite is so important to use for managing what’s going on in the Twitter world but they then needed to break so that they can get this part embedded as a habit into their daily routine, before taking on any more.

My job done it was time to take lunch at the pub in front of the roaring fire to read about the upcoming events planned (hedgerow walk and bonfire night from the pub) and tuck into a fabulous piece of Pork

The perfect end to a fun morning of tweeting