We’ve been asked a couple of times recently to help set up a Facebook page. Now it is a really simple exercise but we thought we would put the steps in writing so that if you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Facebook you can follow them if you want to.

Step 1

Click on the create a page link that you will find at the footer of Facebook, if you log out its much easier to find this link. (once you have chosen your page and completed your info you will be asked to create an account or login again so that the business page knows that you are the owner to give you admin rights)

Step 2

Choose what business type you are  out of these categories below, most businesses will fall into the first two categories

Then complete all your info,

Step 3

You will then need to upload your profile image, this is the little square box (see below example) and should be 180 x 180, the tool will not upload anything that is smaller than 180 wide, this is either a place to put your logo, or your photo depending on your own preferences. In the example below we have used our logo.

complete all the other tabs as well, do not skip these you should put in as much information as possible. The important tab is the 3rd one your Facebook page name as once this is set you cannot change it. You may find that the name you want has already been taken, so you might have to get creative!

Step 4

Facebook will then get you to like your own page, and then tell you to invite your friends. At this point you can skip this exercise if you want to until you have finished creating the rest of your page as you might like to get the page looking busy before you invite people. It will then ask you to post something on your wall. It is a good idea to have a few items lined up so that every day you can put something new on to get the page looking busy.

Step 5

Upload your company cover image (851 x 315 – this is the take a peek image above) you’ll see the button on the right hand side it looks like this 


At this stage you could get started with your business page, the easiest way to promote your page is to invite your friends (and family!) but email your clients as well to let them know you are now on Facebook.

Once you start using the page, you will want to put some apps on as well, but will talk about that in another blog!

So that’s it, it is really easy to get your Facebook page launched, the only difficulty you might have is creating your cover board and profile image, of course if you need help with that you know who to call!