Normally in business cash is King and whilst this is still very true there is another contender that you need to sit up and take notice off….and that is content.┬áThis will become more important as time moves on and you will find that unless you get started you really will be left behind.

Times have changed radically with internet marketing in the last 18 months with Google’s Panda and Penguin update the signals that the search engine wants are good quality unique content and strong social signals (shares/likes/comments). The search engines want to deliver the best content to the viewer and so low value websites that don’t deliver this will struggle to play a part in future months.

Here at JCK we recommend that every business starts blogging as this is the easiest way to start getting more quality content on your website, every post is seen as a new page so if you could get into the habit of blogging once a week you’ll have 52 new quality articles on your website by the end of a year. What’s more, this format also enables you to easily share the content on your social networks and collect user comments. All these social signals are what the search engines love, couple that with fresh quality content and you’re on to a winner.

What to blog about will of course depend on your business, but we love lists of items so

  • 3 ways you can do X
  • 5 top tips for Y
you get the idea…

The reason we like to present lists is that they can be re-purposed into different types of content, you can create a presentation, podcast, image, PDF all from this one blog post. Completing this exercise achieves two things; firstly you are producing content in different media types, different people absorb content in different ways. But also you are creating another way to generate social signals to your business as all of these types of content will ‘live’ in different places around the web.

Go on start today, get your blog going it will soon become a habit that you might just enjoy!