This is a really neat little plugin that we love, and its free for you to download. It’s called LinkWithin and thats exactly what it does! It displays recommended stories and associated thumbnails from your blog at the end of every blog post.We have it used it on our blog posts, at the end of the blog the LinkWithin widget shows 3-5 related stories depending on your predefined instructions. This is really useful, a kind of, users who read this also liked this idea.

This keeps users on your site longer (always a good thing) and promotes your older posts to extend their shelf life, as the tool indexes and stores all blogs that you have written.

The articles are chosen based on a couple of parametres namely your blog title, tags and content. So if you stick to a good consistent way of tagging your posts, really relevant stories should appear. This is an example of how ours appear at the end of our blogs, it looks neat and enticing so should encourage further click throughs.

The other reason that we like this tool is that it is very minimally designed so fits well into most business blogs, and you don’t have to be Einstein to install it. All you do is just complete the simple form with relevant details which are email, domain url, what platform and how many stories you want, download the plugin, install it and off you go.

To find the widget you need to go here, go on what are you waiting for?