To the interested user, you’ll have seen a couple of changes in Pinterest over the last couple of weeks that we thought were worthy of putting pen to paper for (or at least keyboard to screen!!)

Firstly, they have introduced account verification, this is where users can officially link their websites to their user account and input a bio which tells the reader about the company, The full url (with red check mark) is then displayed in the about section for all users to see. This has enabled for easier search as it helps businesses get found a lot easier. (you can see how ours looks in the image below)

Then they introduced the idea of secret boards, ideal for anyone that wanted to gather some thoughts together but didn’t want to make it immediately public, ideal for a surprise birthday party, or wedding planning, or your Christmas gift idea list…perfect!! ¬†Every Pinterest user can create these boards as its a choice you are given to make the board private or public when creating a new board.

Now onto businesses, in the past it has been absolutely forbidden to post anything on Pinterest that is commercial in anyway, you were only supposed to use the site for personal, non commercial use and not for business purposes. Well now introducing Pinterest for business, which is what you need to use if you are using Pinterest for any commercial value (and yes sending traffic to your website has a commercial value!). Is this a way for Pinterest to start making money from their platform by introducing paid for services a ‘Pay-per-pin-impression’ or something similar, well we don’t know but of course wouldn’t be surprised considering the growth of this social media platform.

Pinterest have made it very easy for you to convert your personal account to a business one, you just need to go here, alternatively if you haven’t used Pinterest yet but want to start for your business then you can create an account here

If you’re using your account to show off your business in anyway you need to make the switch to a business account, it will take you just 5 minutes we promise!