For those of you that know us well you know that we love those little productivity tools that just help you along and make things easy for you. Well this little tool the Hootsuite Hootlet  is one that we can’t work without, as it makes sharing content to your social networks simple

It is an extension of the Google Chrome of Firefox browser, so you do have to use one of these as your browser of choice to use this tool (and of you need Hootsuite!!), and all you have to do is install the app and you get the familiar little Owl on your toolbar.

Then next time you are browsing the web and you find something that you want to share with your audience, just simply press on the Owl, the Hootlet then takes the content you want to share and populates your message into the compose box, you can then change that message if you want to. The web page you are on stays in place, so you don’t have to leave it and open a new window to fill your Social Media pot.

You can then send to choose the message now or save the draft so that you can review it later in your Hootsuite dashboard. Or alternatively you can use the auto schedule tool which will automatically choose the best time to send your tweet out based on your audience, ensuring the most impact on your followers.

Anything you send using this tool automatically syncs with your Hootsuite account, so that you can get you analytics all in one place, very neat!

If you use Chrome or Firefox and Hootsuite then you need to be using this little ap, What are you waiting for just head over here