On the 1st day of Christmas, JCK gave to me, a tip to help me master PPC

If you owned a shop, you would want to have the biggest shop front on the high street with all your most important product lines featured in your window dressings.

Well, appearing on the front page of Google is no exception and still follows this rule of bigger is better when it comes to prospect click through rates. The larger your real estate the more likely it will be that someone will click through to your website. Now, this can be quite hard to achieve in organic rankings as the changes in the algorithms can make it difficult to know how to do this, and what works once may not necessarily work again. But when looking at PPC it’s easy to make your ad the more prominent one, however, it’s the one feature that most business owners just don’t complete.

The feature I am talking about is site links, the introduction of these on your pay per click campaign will double the size of your ad and increase your click through rate which in turn will reduce the cost of every click.

The key is to choose the right kind of site link for your business, so what choices do you have?

  1. Social listing: You can attach your Google+ page account with your PPC campaign and it will increase the social relevance
  2. Product Listing: Got products that you sell online? Attach your PPC to your Google Merchant Center and have your product images appear in your ad, this is very powerful the old adage of a picture paints a thousand words is very true
  3. Sitelinks: You can list up to 10 links to other pages of your website, for example, a special offers page, or other services that are complementary. Be careful though you need to make sure this listings are different to the main advert link that you are promoting(check out this blog post here)
  4. Location: this is a good option for local establishments that have premises that people will visit as it will show location information
  5. Call: You can put your phone number and use click to call facilities
  6. Dynamic search ads: You can use your website content to target your ads
  7. Mobile App: Extend your ads with a link to a mobile/tablet app.

As I said this is one area that every site owner that manages their own PPC campaign can achieve really easily and is our tip to you to get completed to improve your campaign.

Online, just like a shop front, get the biggest real estate you can to get more bang for your buck!