On the 3rd day of Christmas JCK gave me a clue, how to make a blog page work for you

For your blog to work for you, it should do two things

  1. provide great unique, useful information that your customers want to engage in
  2. sending signals to the search engines that you are an authoritative site in your industry

So, we know that content is king when it comes to the online world, and your blog will be the perfect engine to create the content for your audience. The beauty of a blog, though, is unlike the rest of your website it can be a helpful thought provoking place full of your personality and views on subjects close to your industry.

If you are busy on the social media platforms, typically it will be your blog posts that users will be directed to through the links that you are posting. Hence it makes good sense to use your blog as the central cog for your online marketing efforts.

So what do you need to think about when you are writing your blog to make it work for you, here are six things you need to comply with

  1. The information presented should either be thought provoking, or informative it should follow the 3e’s educational, engaging and/or entertaining.
  2. The content you write should invite comments and interaction, don’t turn your blog comments off, the whole idea is to get people engaged and get Social recognition and ‘votes of confidence.’
  3. If you are writing good quality content you must make sure people can share it, so make that easy for them by just installing social share buttons
  4. Mix up your content with rich media, images, videos and infographic, all of these are great and are easily shared and commented on
  5. Input some links to the other areas of your site, give users an easy way to navigate further through your website.
  6. And finally, be consistent try and start to create one blog post a week and put a bit of time aside to do it, the effort will be worth it.

You can get plenty of ideas for blogs from questions people are asking about your industry try Twitter, Quora or LinkedIn for inspiration. The most important thing is that you make blogging central to your 2017 marketing strategy, chunk out some time every week to get it done!