If you are spending time and energy creating unique content for your website then it makes sense for you to make sure that it gets distributed effectively to your fans and followers. Whilst you can automate some of this (not recommended but we do understand the constraints of time that most of us are under) there might be some articles in particular that you want to highlight or spend a bit more time in circulating them to the right audiences.

When you are putting together your editorial calendar (read our post here to get a template you can use) you should be aware of the different types of content that you need to produce for an effective campaign. Some content will be news or your thoughts on your own industry, but you should also pay attention to how you can further help your audience with your knowledge and expertise. These articles could be answers to frequently asked questions, or ‘how-to’ videos or free giveaways, typically they would be the type of articles that offer your audience help and advice.

It is these articles that need a little bit more thought when the time comes to share them, as it is these articles that raise your profile as the expert in your field and these are the types of content that get shared and liked (all good for your social reputation and SEO) so we have put together a one page checklist for you to help you with this activity.

Now as we said, we don’t expect every piece of content you produce to go through this process, once you have your editorial calendar together you can sit back and highlight the most important items and then complete this checklist. Then when you come to produce the article you will already know what you need to do with it, and in fact at this point because it is documented you could get someone else to distribute it for you.

Anyway, you’ll find the checklist hereĀ ContentDistributionChecklist, please download it and use it to circulate your most important online activity, your content creation.