There is often a natural urge do something within your business purely as a short term injection of finance rather than looking at the long term and building on your experiences, but if you are doing something just for money then typically your reasoning is all wrong. Now we’re not saying don’t charge the correct price for the product or service you are offering, but simply, what can you do to gather more experience along the way.

If you are delivering a new service (or product) then that in itself will give you a new experience, but if you’re delivering something that you’ve done before, is there any way you can improve it? what about a follow up service?

If you gain a new experience that works well and you repeat it, then shortly it will become a habit and a process that you can deploy. Its at that stage then (when your experience becomes repeatable) that the money will come…typically not before. Then rinse and repeat, try again…

Gaining a wide range of experiences is extremely valuable and gives you greater knowledge which you can use to your advantage to improve your business, you really won’t know what works for you unless you try a wide range of things in every area of your business (processes / marketing / sales). Remember if you’re not pushing you company forward, then you must be slipping backward.

Knowledge is priceless; you can’t put a price tag on it. It is an investment into the future of your business as you will develop the expertise and practical skills that you will take with you to attract more customers.

It is often difficult to get the balance right between the experience and the cash, we understand this and if you would like some help getting the balance right please do get in touch.