Whenever we stumble upon tools or plugins that we think might be useful then we like to share them so that you can take advantage of them tool. This is one of those neat little additions that you should know about, we’ve been using it for a while but just lately its come into its own by enabling us to easily convert some webpages we are building to pdf’s that we just thought we should share it with you, especially as it is completely free of charge.

So the tool is called Print Friendly, and actually it pretty much does what it says on the tin… it makes the web page you are on printer friendly, so you get just the information you want and can leave the rest behind with the added bonus of saving paper as you only print what you need!

The first way to use this tool is to bookmark the button, you can simply add the extension to whatever browser you are using so you can always use it when you find a page you need to print.

When you get to that page you can simple hit the print friendly button, the information then opens up in a new window, from here you have a few options, first you can delete all parts of the page that you don’t want, images, or other information. Then you can either print directly, turn into a pdf or email the information.. all in one click.

The other thing that you can do is put the print friendly button onto your website to give those users that don’t know about the bookmark button the same flexibility, the button can be put on any website, but if you have a WordPress website then there is a neat plugin which you can find here

If you look at the top right of this blog post (and actually any of our others) you can see the button we are talking about, go and have a play and you’ll see how quick and easy it is!