Regular readers know that we have spent some time over the past few months telling you that content is King and that you should be looking at ways of increasing your original content on your site that enhances your website, your expertise and focuses on the keywords (and also keyword phrases) that reflect what your company is about.

So how do you do that?

Well lets walk through an example that we can all associate with, lets say we run an accountancy firm in Bromley and we want to look at some keywords. the first thing you must do is go to the Google keyword tool¬†and enter your website address into the space where it says website, check the box which says only show terms closely related and then make sure the geographic area in the advanced options is set correctly. To begin with I suggest you just use the UK. Then click search….

This will then give you about 100 keyword phrases that match your business with a count of local searches on a monthly basis. Download the spreadsheet and then filter out the words that don’t make sense. You can do this a few times using your inner pages of your website too. Very soon you will have a decent list of your core keywords.

Then take the research on step further, start typing one of the phrases into Google, and watch the suggestions that are thrown at you, see the example below…

business start up


So one of the keyword phrases that I chose from the list was business start up costs, now I can see the 4 keyword phrases that are the most searched. Now if I were smart I would write a blog entitled ‘Business startup checklist’ because I know that is what people are wanting and as an accountant I would be trusted to deliver that kind of information. Of course the blog post would then link to one of my website pages talking about how my accountancy practice can help start up you business…. You get the idea.

Another step you can take is to see what has happened with that keyword phrase by searching within the last 24 hours, this will bring back topical information that you might be able to hang another blog post on



at very least if there is no ‘news’ you might get other ideas for blog posts that you can use.

So its quite straight forward to get yourself a bunch of keywords that will help you grow your content ideas, now is the time to get started, what are you waiting for?