So we know that 2013 will be the year to really grasp content marketing and get your website noticed with great pieces of writing that will help you get found.  It does help if you get a content calendar together as a starting point, but there are some other neat ideas that you can use to understand what your audience is asking about. After all if you are answering questions that are current and relevant, people will keep coming back to you for more.

So here are a few more places that you can visit to find great content sources (in no particular order!)

  1. Quora, this is a place where anyone can ask, answer, or edit questions on Quora, once you have chosen the subjects and topics of interest you can ask and answer questions. All you need to do is look through the questions that have been asked and answer them on your blog (and also on Quora!) If one person has asked that question you can bet your bottom dollar many more people will be interested too.
  2. Scoopit Quite probably our favourite content curation site. This site will bring you so much content based on your chosen categories and keywords from all over the web. From here you can easily put together some creative blogs.
  3. Conferences and Events – Either offline or online, take a look at the presentation titles, then write a blog along the same theme, if someone has spent money investing in time and energy to create a presentation then its got to be a worth while subject
  4. Google Blog Search Have a browse in the Google blog network for other blogs in similar categories to yours, you might be inspired by someone else in your industry
  5. Google Hot Trends Now while these are normally famous people, its always worth keeping track of whats hot right now in case you can create an analogy between that and something in your business.

Of course there is still Twitter hashtags, Facebook Opengraph and all the other Social media platforms you can monitor, and of course don’t forget to set up RSS feeds for keywords that are of interest that will also provide a source of inspiration for you.

Don’t get left behind this year, 2013 is the year for content marketing so get onboard and remember getting topics that you customers want to read and remaining consistent is the key!