If you log into your Google+ account this morning then you’ll see a couple of changes that I thought I would highlight here for you in both your personal and business pages:

The first obvious change, as it smacks you in the face as soon as you land is that the cover photo has just got bigger, with a much better aspect ratio. You can upload an image as large as 2120px x 1192px. This is great if you want to use a montage of images to reflect your business (or yourself!) as there is now much more room for you to present your portfolio.

The about page for your business has also had a face lift and it is now much easier to make changes to that area, akin to Pinterest this area now has separate ‘cards’. Each card represents a piece of your business, your contact details, your story and so on…This is an area to concentrate on, do fill out as much as you can here to make sure individuals know that they have reached the right place.

Similar in feel to the business about us ‘pinterest style’ board your own personal review page has also had the same treatment, it is now a separate area where you can highlight your favourite businesses (used to be the local reviews). You can then use the Google settings to ensure that your security isn’t compromised in anyway. You can chose what tabs are visible to the public and what ones are not.

The other thing that is rolling out is the Google direct connect function. If you search for a company name and put a ‘+’ at the start of your search then Google will know that you want to find the Google+ page for that particular brand. Now this is going to be a slow burn for most companies, first you have to make sure that your website and Google+ page are hooked up (you need to put your website address on your Google+ page and then put some code on your website as well) and then the search is┬ádetermined algorithmically, based on certain signals they use to help understand your page’s relevancy and popularity,

Google+ is really starting to be the place you go to find stuff, these changes are just making it easier to navigate round this social platform, if you haven’t taken a look yet we strongly advise that you jump on board!