Life just gets quicker and quicker.

Years ago we were happy to wait for the postman to bring us our letters, our bills, cheques and contracts. If it took a week, so be it. That all changed and soon it was telex’s and fax’s and more recently email.

Then text messages and Twitter.

It seems with every move forward our communication gets shorter as we move to a faster world with instant sharing ability. Well this new service has to be the shortest so far – welcome to the new service for 6 second videos, Vine. Its a simple way to capture life on the move in a 6 second video (that continues to loop) with your iphone.

The developers think that with constraints you have to be really creative, so what can you get across in 6 seconds?

For personal use, it could be fantastic, capturing the first moment your baby laughs or walks. The minute your son or daughter blows out the candles on their birthday cake, or the first time your teenager starts driving. All brilliant moments that can be caught in the moment simply and easily with your iphone.

For business use 6 seconds is probably not enough time to get any kind of corporate message across, so we’re struggling to see if there is a benefit for your business. I guess if you have a restaurant or you put on an event then collecting ‘moving’ client testimonials could be of great use. It would be fantastic to get real-time video of delegates leaving a seminar singing its praises, or diners leaving the restaurant full of kind words.

The app is so easy to use, once you have it installed, you can marry it to your Twitter account. Then all you have to do is hit the capture screen and record, if you take your finger off the screen the video finishes, move your position and then start filming again, you can then share the video on Vine and on Twitter.

There are certainly some creative videos already posted which isn’t too bad an effort as the service is only a couple of weeks old.

I must admit though I still prefer YouTube Capture, whilst this service doesn’t give you the ability to stop and start filming again, actually you get a much longer video and the ability to post to YouTube, Twitter Facebook and Google+ simultaneously so you get a lot more bang for your buck. If you want to as well you can add music and do some basic corrections.

Whichever mobile application you choose, it is now so simple to catch a video, so there really is no excuse for you not adding it to your marketing mix.