We are lucky enough to have team members that can use graphics packages proficiently and who can put together profile images and headers for Social Media sites in the wink of an eye. We know though for some of you its a little more tricky.

Well we have found two free online tools that might help you put together some decent graphics (of course you can always come to us if you want us to do your graphic design for you!)

The first tool is fromĀ autre planete

This is a great free tool, firstly it allows you to create a QR Code, and also has a few free icons that you can download (Social Media Icons – all that you need) but the best part is that it will help you size all of your headers and profile images that you will need to have for any of the platforms with its social media image maker

So all you need to do is upload your image and then the tool will help you to crop it to the right size for the particular platform that you need, and all the major platforms are there..very neat.

The one thing it doesn’t do is design the image in the first place for you. But we have found another online tool that might help you do that if you really don’t want to employ a graphic designer. That tool is called Pixlr.

This tool is so good as it gives you similar functionality to photoshop but without the massive cost!

You can either upload a photo and then complete some simple manipulation (cut out / remove clouds etc) or you can start with a blank canvas and pull images in so that you can create a layered effect (yes again like photoshop you can layer your images to get a really good graphic) Whilst if you haven’t used a graphics package before this tool will take a little while for you to master, actually the results that you can achieve are fantastic.

Take a look at these two tools to help you achieve the visual results you are after!