Pinterest has been trying to turn its social media interface into an area where big businesses will play. The first step was to add a business account facility which launched about 9 months ago. This was great for those businesses that could attract new clients to their business by showing images of the products that they sell.

Well now they have added a new analytics tool (which will pull data from the time you verified your website domain name with them)

In order to get access to your analytics, you’ll need to have completed two things

  1. You’ll need to be using the new design of Pinterest, so switch to it if you haven’t already
  2. You’ll need to have verified your site (you may need your web designed to do this for you!)

Then all you do is go to your settings tab and you’ll see the analytics data. from here you’ll see a few things

  1. how many people have seen your pin
  2. how many people have re-pinned your photos
  3. how much traffic has clicked through to your website

Pinterest is a great social media platform, especially if your target is young women in their 20’s, compared with other platforms users typically spend 10-15 minutes on this platform (again verifying visual content is much more emotional than words!) so if you’re not using this platform then give it a try. A few tips to help you along

  1. Make your website ‘pinnable’ make it easy for visitors to re-pin your images
  2. Allow other people to ‘pin’ on your boards, this promotes engagement
  3. Promote your pinterest board as heavily as you promote your Twitter and YouTube account

Just like any other Social Media Platform, its not enough to simply put up some pins and then walk away, there is a time investment to this platform, so like anything else you need to consider whether its right to include it in your content marketing strategy for your business or not.