LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online social media networking platforms on the internet today. Quite often though users are under utilizing the strength this stage presents, so over the next few weeks we’ll be leaving tips for you to help get the most from your time and activity.

The first area we want to look at is status updates. Just like other platforms it’s important for you to keep regularly updating your status on a daily basis, however, unlike Twitter for example an update a day is fine….and no more than two please!

So what kind of information can you write? Well basically the same rules apply to everything you do online, so helpful informative and useful to your audience is a winner every time.

Here are some suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

  1. The obvious, as soon as you write a blog, put it on your LinkedIn profile status update and company page. Of course because you’ve only got a small space you’ll need to use a url shortener to attach your blog url (we use
  2. A link to an article that will help your audience, if you can align yourself with other industry experts, by association you’ll become an expert too!
  3. Mention someone that you have met that other users in your network may find useful.. you know “just had a meeting with John, fantastic designer, take a look” – You’re doing John a big favour but also might help you network if they are looking for that service.
  4. Link to videos… always useful to link to ‘how to’ videos, these will always help you audience!
  5. Recent news or updates about key clients you’ve worked with or jobs just finished, you are giving exposure then to the work you do, but also your client which they will thank you for!
  6. If you are going to an event or attending an online seminar, announce it on LinkedIn – other people may then sign up and join in too.
  7. Try and use the ‘Like’ feature, it’s simple and quick to do but amplifies the original message to your audience so give additional exposure to the originating author.

So get started…. You’ll see this blog post on my personal LinkedIn update very soon!