So it’s been little over the year of the release of Penguin V1 and Google have just announced that over the summer Penguin V2 will be rolled out, which will be more comprehensive than the first release and as a result have a much larger impact.

Well we think this has got to be a good thing, after all if you’ve got a great site, with great content that users want to visit time and time again then you should be rewarded for that, and Google thinks so too and are striving to make sure that good quality sites can be found.

The main point to take from the 7 1/2 minute video is the point of high quality content. This is good news, one of the main areas that the giant has been working on is to be able to detect an authority site in a specific segment much better. So if you are producing white papers, FAQ’s and other appropriate information for your audience then you stand in a good stead. Another factor is that Google is trying to improve the signals for quality content…. again great news.

Other areas of interest are:

Advertorials are also on the radar this time around, now to pay for space on a website is absolutely fine, but it must be made absolutely clear that the content is an advert so the user knows that money has exchanged hands.

Link Spammers will also be hit as the algorithm improves with more sophisticated link analysis.

Detecting hacked sites and communicating the findings directly to the webmaster more efficiently, in fact improving the whole communication and feedback mechanism to webmasters in general.

Clustered Site Results again another area Google have been improving is a cluster of information from one site on the first page, you are now more likely to see this on page 2 or 3 of the search results, and once you have seen it you are not likely to see links to that site again.

You can see the whole announcement from Matt Cutts at Google in the video below

[youtube id=”xQmQeKU25zg#!” width=”600″ height=”350″]

But if you haven’t got the full 7 1/2 minutes to spare, the main take away happens in the first 45 seconds…. don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!