We’ve all been there, wondering how we are ever going to keep our eyelids from shutting through another Powerpoint Presentation. Yawn!

But they are important, on occasion we all need to deliver a presentation to somebody, whether its sharing ideas with your team, or trying to wow a prospective client presentations are here to stay… for the time being anyway!

Well we’ve found a little online tool that will really jazz things up for you, its called Prezi¬†and its so easy to use, but it will add an extra dimension to your work that will really wake up your audience and differentiate you from the competition.

Prezi is basically zooming presentation technology, which enables you to zoom into your presentation to highlight specific areas, and it appears to be a 3d model so you can take your audience on a journey with you, without ever having to move from one slide to the next, everything flows with a Prezi presentation.

Prezi is available in the cloud, so other people can collaborate with you…. but you can also use it on your desktop if you want to if you know that an internet connection is not going to be available to you..at any point you can simply upload them online to share.

The easiest way to start is to pick one of the available templates, with Powerpoint the template is simply a boring backdrop, but on Prezi the background becomes an integral part of your presentation..if you want to though you can upload a Powerpoint presentation to get you started, there is a great video tutorial to help you achieve this.

Whats also nice is the ability to be able to look at other Prezis online and you can borrow everything from the Prezis that can be re-used. So again this makes it really simple for you to just overtype you information into a presentation that has already been created with animation and sound effects.

Look how easy it is to create a Prezi here

Our final thoughts, don’t just deliver your next presentation, really inspire with it!