Whilst keeping one eye on the Wimbledon tennis scores I’m sat writing this blog… and its proving a little difficult not just because I am distracted by the play but also because this blog is quite difficult to write. I’m quite often asked who is it in my industry that I love and follow and I decided to dedicate this post to my top 15.

Well there are literally hundreds of individuals that have helped me on my journey whose information I dip in and out of, but after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing ( it was really difficult) these are my top 15 resources for you to take advantage of too.

In alphabetical order from the top… (drum roll please!)

  1. Chris Brogan – I’ve followed Chris for a lot of years as a ‘blogging guru’ but his mantra now is ‘Building the Digital Channel – Beyond Social Media.’ – Chris is very generous with information in a very no-nonsense way.
  2. Content Marketing Institute – Every single question you have about content marketing and the importance of it in today’s online world is answered on this blog. Love it, that’s all I can say.
  3. Dream Grow Social – sign up for the newsletter and get information delivered to you. What I like about this website is that there are a lot of ‘unknown’ guest bloggers that provide different insights into the world of Social Media.
  4. Forbes  – OK so it is a State side site (with an annoying advert that it makes you watch!!) but the fact that it is real time it can give you some great ideas to ‘hook’ your content onto means it makes the list.
  5. Jeff Bulla – Useful and ‘non-techie’ explains things really simply that even if you are an Internet newbie Jeff’s words make sense.
  6. Jon Loomer – Jon Loomer uses his blog to provide daily tips and breaking news to make you a better Facebook marketer and blogger.
  7. LinkedIn – You might find this one strange, but I seriously visit LinkedIn today daily to pick up news that is crafted for me. If you’re not using this you’re missing out!
  8. Mari Smith – THE Facebook Guru. Fact.
  9. Mashable – No list would be complete without Mashable, their mantra “a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation.”
  10. Search Engine Journal Whilst they cover a lot of information I love these guys for SEO and PPC news.
  11. Smart Insights – Love this, a really useful general marketing advice website created for every business.
  12. Socially Stacked – Social Media advice that small businesses can follow easily.
  13. Social Media Examiner – A must be in the list everything you need to know about Social Media from the worlds experts.
  14. Social Media Today– Daily news and analysis on Social Media Marketing
  15. Sprout Social – Whilst I haven’t used their social media platform I do love the ease of navigation on this site and the information it provides.

So there it is my ‘Love – Fifteen’ now I’m off for a bowl of much deserved strawberries and cream!