Aside from the enjoyable hot temperatures we were debating in the office what we thought the ‘hottest’ internet marketing actions are of the year. We wanted to put together the ultimate list together for you if you only had time (and energy in this heat!!) to do 5 things what would they be? and then the reverse, what wouldn’t you continue doing?

There was not much debate actually because we all pretty much agreed on the list, so in no particular order here we go for

What’s hot

  1. Google Authorship: Please if you haven’t done this why not? this is so important. You need to make sure you are the recognised author of your blog and get yourself linked to it. These days ‘multi-author’ blogs seem to do much better than single author blogs, but you need to spend time on this as the importance of author rank is growing daily.
  2. Creating Content: Banging the same old drum today – and we’re not sorry. Once you have Google Authorship the only way to raise your ranking is to write decent compelling content
  3. Google+: This is now the 2nd largest social network behind Facebook, if you’re not playing in this sphere you really ought to be.
  4. Mobile: You need a website that can be viewed properly on a mobile device as the stats are slowly creeping up and mobile usage can represent a large proportion of your traffic, there are some fantastic responsive designs that lend themselves for this purpose. Then of course taking it one step further you could launch a specific mobile PPC campaign, but whatever decide you need to plan how to connect with your audience via mobile channels.
  5. Getting Visual: Visual marketing has really got hot this year with the explosion of sites like instagram and pinterest, and also infographics. Take time to see how you can use visuals to best effect

What’s Not

  1. Old Fashioned SEO: Just getting links for links sake… this tried and tested method that used to be effective just doesn’t work anymore so best stop doing it.
  2. Over Optimising Your Site: Whilst a few years back it was a good thing to make sure keywords were ‘shoehorned’ into your content now not so much. Make sure you haven’t keyword stuffed your website content
  3. Ignoring Social Media: Even if you don’t want to ‘sell’ through these channels you have to be there to listen to what people are saying about your company, a small complaint online can really damage your reputation if you don’t nip it in the bud.
  4. Relying On Just One Channel: With consumers having so much choice you need to provide your information in the manner in which they want to consume it and on what platform they have, think multiple channels to get your marketing message out.
  5. Ignoring our advice: If you’ve just read through this list then do something with it – ignore us at your peril!

That’s it whats ‘hot’ and whats ‘not’ this summer!