Facebook has become one of the main marketing platforms of 2013, it’s still the number one social networking site and smart marketers have been using it to their advantage for a while now. We get asked a lot about the Facebook apps that we recommend, so here is our 2013 summer list for you

If you’re using Facebook as one of your main vehicles to get your marketing message to your audience, then you won’t mind some of these apps that we suggest do come with a monthly fee, you’ll need to decide for yourself if the return on investment is worth it!

  1. Sharing your blog to your facebook page (and other sites), we still like networked blogs, for two reasons, it will simply post your blog to your business page (and personal page if you like) but its also a place where you can easily manage all the blogs that you follow. As its still very widely used it can help to grow your blog audience.
  2. Sharing your blog for WordPress A simple plugin that also works well is provided by the email providers mailchimp, its called Social, really easy to set up this will broadcast your wordpress based blog to both Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Scheduling Posts You can of course use a tool like hootsuite to do this task, but the annoying thing is that the images and videos end up really small in the timeline. That’s OK for some of your posts, but if you want to schedule posts and get nice big images and videos then you need Post Planner, now at $19 you need to justify it, but it is a great tool especially if you are managing multiple pages as it provides you with content ideas too.
  4. Contact Form For a really simple way to add a contact form to your page then this app does the trick. This is an area that most people forget so make sure you load it onto your Facebook page.
  5. E-commerce App Got something you can sell online then your Facebook friend here is Ecwid. We’ve been using this platform for years because of its simplicity and integration into Facebook. Its so easy to use and the best part is that its free.

As well as putting on your pinterest board and slideshare account these will improve your business page greatly. There we go – spend a few minutes today to enhance your Facebook marketing.