In the world of the internet things happen at an extremely fast pace, so this morning we thought we would give you a round-up of Social Media announcements that have happened in the last week that we think you should know about.

In no particular order here are the main announcements of the week:


If Facebook dominates your marketing strategy, or at least is quite an integral part of it then you’ll want to know about the new platform that Facebook has launched which is call Facebook For Business

This is a new updated site that will become the central hub for you to go to for news and information to help you get the most out of your marketing on this platform.


Pinterest has announced that it will start to give you a more personalized experience when you are on their platform. They will achieve this by tracking the websites that sit behind the images you have pinned. Gathering this data will then give them an indication of the sort of images that you will like and they will use that knowledge to suggest other boards you might be interested in.

If this approach scares you, then Pinterest supports do not track, you can read more about this here.


LinkedIn have finally caught up with the other social media platforms by announcing that it will now support the sponsored updates feature. Historically your updates were only presented in the feed of individuals that are in your network, now if you want to using the sponsored update feature you can get your message out to a much wider audience as you can target users based on their profile data. From a users point of view the updates will be marked as sponsored so that you know they don’t necessarily belong to individual sin your network.


Slideshare have announced the new optimised infographics player. This means that you can easily share your infographics on the Slideshare platform.

Taken from the blog “The new player automatically detects an infographic upon upload, includes it in the infographic directory and displays it for best viewing. Infographics need to be saved and uploaded in a one-page PDF format.”


Buffer have announced custom scheduling which is great as now you have the option to post your messages at the time you want them to appear rather than at predefined intervals. This works for re-tweets, images and any webpage and if you’re using the buffer extension its so simple to set up.

That’s it – the best of the bunch of announcements for this week, we hope it helps you with your Social Media Marketing