We’ve been looking at a new(ish) search engine that gives you all the web in just one click – we’re loving the ease of this search engine and the way that it divides the results into different columns so that you can easily view and chose how you want to consume the information

Using the classic view the search comes back to you in 4 columns each show you something slightly different. They are

  1. Web
  2. News
  3. Social
  4. Shopping

So for every search you can go to the column that makes most sense for you depending on the nature of your enquiry, simply if you want to purchase something the shopping column would be the best place, but if you’re interested in the latest news then check out the news column or the social column for anything trending.

At the top of the columns is a media strip which shows videos and images, and there is also two extra tabs in case you just want to see media or the social aspect of the web.

Whats really neat is that you can then refine your search further drilling down into each column using further keywords that are relevant to you. There is also an added column that appears called Qnowledge Graph. This is a nice feature that will pull back all he facts you need to know about your search, so if you type in London you’ll get all the basic facts and statistics.

Then finally with just one click you can share what you have found through your social networks, Twitter or Facebook.

I must admit that it is really nice to find a search engine that doesn’t bombard you with adverts, not sure how long that will last but at the moment its a real pleasure to use this search engine to find good quality search results. Give it a go, you can find it here