Sometimes you come across tools on the internet that you just have to share and Bitrix24 is one of those. It’s a very neat solution for small businesses that want the functionality of a decent CRM system but don’t want to pay the price tag that normally accompanies such a package.


Bitrix is a really useful collaboration tool (ideal for companies spread across multiple geographic areas) and it also provides a very useful customer relationship management area where you can track leads and all interactions can be stored. You can allocate tasks against companies, and delegate those tasks to team members. All really useful stuff.

Whats amazing also is the other options of this tool

  1. You can send emails to your customers through it
  2. You can raise invoices
  3. You can call your clients (using IP telephony)
  4. You can create your own business processes (for you sales funnel for example)
  5. You can integrate it with your website (to capture leads)

For those of you who deliver projects to your clients this area is tailored for as well. You can

  1. Any project can have a dedicated group where all of the files, discussions, and tasks pertaining to that project are stored
  2. Time can be tracked and reported on
  3. You can create a Gant Chart
  4. Add checklists to tasks
  5. You can create an extranet for sub-contractors

There’s also quite a comprehensive document management system and an intranet feature so that you can instant message your colleagues, or get them on a video call with you.

The best part is that an enormous amount of this cloud based software is free, up to 12 users so an absolutely ideal platform to help you get started as it allows all users to access core business processes, you can integrate with Outlook and also put it on your mobile.

This is a neat tool for your business if you’re struggling to keep tabs on client data and projects, you can check it out here