Our astute blog readers (or actually anyone that keeps up with Google news) will know that ‘Hummingbird’ is the name (which came from the Hummingbird being precise and fast) of the new Google algorithm that launched around the end of August. The algorithm deals with the search demands of today which are more conversational, so Google is now better focusing on the meaning behind the words.

As a website owner, how can you create the ‘meaning’ behind the words on your website? well that’s where Raven comes in….

You have to start ‘structuring’ your content so that search engines can make sense of the data. So for example if you are running an event, you can tell the search engines that “my sparkling new workshop” is ‘an event’ you can tell the search engines that “1st November” is the date of the event and so on. You can structure quite a few pieces of content now and we think that you should make a start.

The tool that is going to help you achieve this is built by an organisation called ‘Raven‘ and it is their Schema creator tool which will do all the hard work for free!

The tool is simple and works on the data that we can already put structure to, this includes information on a

  • Person
  • Product
  • Event
  • Organization
  • Movie
  • Book
  • Review

Simply choose from the list the piece of content that you want to work on, every company should be able to choose Organization, then fill out the form that the tool presents you. As you start typing you will see in the right hand box the code being generated for you with your information.

Once you have completed all the parts of your form simply copy and paste the information in the right hand box into the html of your website. Voila! you have structured content created which can then be tested here.

So whilst Hummingbirds are colourful, bright and ‘hum’ as they move about and the Raven has a black plumage with a loud, harsh call, you’d think the two would never work together, on this occasion however what they have in common is they’ll both get your business found online!