With the introduction of all the social media sites, one thing business owners need to pursue is ensuring that as people interact with you on these sites you move them through the funnel and onto your website. From here, you need to offer them something so that you can grab their email. The money is still in your own customer and prospect database, not in your Twitter list!

If you’ve got a WordPress website, then here’s a plugin you might want to look at.

It’s called Optinmonster, now it does come with a small yearly cost, but it enables you to turn your website into an “email grabbing monster” just as the name suggests! The product is easy to use and comes with a handful of features that can deliver real benefit to your business including;

  1. Various styles of optin forms: Slide in, pop up etc.
  2. Pre made templates: or simple to use wsyiwig editor – perfect for beginners to create a great looking form
  3. Targeted campaigns: you can target campaigns based on pages or posts, and have multiple ones running
  4. Exit intent: when your customer is just about to leave, tempt them with an offer in exchange for an email
  5. A/B Testing: try different designs to see if it makes a difference in your conversion rates
  6. Insights: get the facts from your website so you can improve you strategy

Getting more email subscribers should be one of the main pillars of your marketing strategy and for $50 a year this is a really quick and easy way that will help you achieve that goal. Using Social Media and Pay Per Click campaigns you can attract traffic to your website and with this plugin you can convert them.

Need any more help with setting up your inbound marketing campaigns? don’t hesitate to give the JCK Marketing team a call!