There is one area of Social Media that we get asked a lot of questions about and that is business owners trying to understand who is talking about similar types of content to them so that they can grow a targeted audience.

There are a few tools that you can use to help with this part of your social media strategy, lets go through them

So if people are talking you need to be listening so lets dive straight in to the three top tools that we use in house;

  1. Hootsuite: still a firm favourite of JCK as you can separate into streams accounts that are using keywords – an easy way to keep tabs on users you may want to follow (actually tweedeck does a similar thing) add Hootlet to make it easy to distribute stuff as well when you are browsing. This is an excellent all round productivity tool as you can schedule tweets, re-tweet and listen all at the same time
  2. Social Mention: a tool that analyses over 100 sites, concentrating on 4 areas strength, sentiment, passion and reach. All you have to do is put in the subject of interest and you get a list of sites that are mentioning that content – use this in conjunction with the next tool to really help grow your audience
  3. A new favourite of ours Embedle. Embedle is a twitter app that increases interaction with your followers by embedding your tweet conversations into the webpages you share on twitter and turning all related tweets into threaded discussions. Once you have dragged the Embedle button onto your bookmarks bar you can click on the button (that appears on the left of your screen when you are browsing) and you will see who else has interacted with that page and what conversations are taking place. From there you can follow the user straight away and invite them to connect with you (rather than waiting to see if they will follow you just because you followed them. It very clever!

All of these tools will help you to ‘listen in’ on conversations that are taking place around the web and connect with like-minded people.