We all get sidetracked with all things social media, but we are never very good at seeing the reach that our activity provides.

Are your posts being seen? distributed? commented on? the problem is that most organisations just don’t know because they do not monitor the outcomes. Is another company writing about you on their blog? is your brand reputation being upheld? Honestly, unless you are tracking this, how are you ever going to know?

This is where brand tracking helps.

Basically, brand tracking is a listening tool on the web that monitors the most important channels to you, and it will alert you to everything connected to your company. And, what’s more, it does it in a timely fashion so that you can strike while the iron is hot if you need to respond or reach out to the company that has mentioned you. All very powerful stuff!

Brand tracking is a marketing activity that measures the impact of brand campaigns on awareness and sales. An effective brand tracker software delivers results from a wide variety of sources such as blogs, news outlets, and social media.

We all know that a positive brand reputation builds loyalty within your client base, it increases customer confidence which all adds to new sales and repeat business. Who wouldn’t want to improve on this as part of an overall marketing mix?

Brand tracking is as important as any other type of digital marketing. Fit brand tracking metrics into your marketing strategy, so you can get valuable information from the web and social channels.

And if you are not using a tool to track this vital information then you should be!