Nominet UK, the .uk domain name registry in the United Kingdom, have identified a number of .uk domain names with invalid contact information. You must make sure that your details are up-to-date or you risk your website and emails being suspended.

The UK domain name database is vast and Nominet have got the never ending job of trying to keep data quality and combat fraudulent use.

The data quality window, which has been running for a few weeks now is a program that flags domains that have inaccurate data. Domain owners have until 11th February (yes tomorrow!!) to make sure their details are valid. you can read more about it here

If your .UK domain name has been flagged it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • Invalid Name
  • Invalid Address
  • Invalid Name and Address
  • Invalid Foreign Registrant
  • Invalid Registrant Type

You may well have received an email telling you that you have a problem, regardless we suggest that you spend 5 minutes today logging in to your registrar and confirming your details are up-to-date and accurate. If you don’t meet the deadline you’ll have to go directly to Nominet UK  and pay the £10 fee to get the details updated.

Your website is likely to go “off-air” if the details are inaccurate, and will stay that way for up to 48 hours after you have made the changes – save yourself the heartache and check your details now!